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Heavy Duty Gear Set

GLM is proud to introduce the Strongest Gear Set in the Industry!

Our Gears are STRONGER than the OEM Gears

OEM gear sets are machined from 8620 forged steel. The GLM gear set is machined from
a higher alloy forged steel. The stronger teeth and higher alloy steel results in a gear that is
50% stronger than any other comparable gear set. These durable gears are capable of oper-
ating with up to 300 horsepower.

Our Gears are MORE DURABLE than the OEM Gears

The new GLM gear set* has fewer, larger, and stronger teeth. The pinion gear has 12 teeth
and the forward and reverse gears have 22 teeth. The original OEM gear set has 14 teeth
on the pinion and 26 teeth on the forward and reverse gears.

Our Gears are QUIETER than the OEM Gears

During the gear machining process, an additional pass is made over each tooth for a finer
surface. This makes the gear operation especially quiet.

*The new GLM gear set is designed with larger teeth, the individual gears will not interchange with the
OEM gears. For individual OEM gear replacement, you must use the GLM #22623 pinion and forward
gears (14/26 teeth) or the GLM #22624 reverse gear (26 teeth).

Click Here to Download GLM's Heavy Duty Gear Set Flyer.
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