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The Evolution of a Dream: GLM's Conversion Kits
  GLM Products, Inc. takes things a few fathoms deeper. While most aftermarket marine parts manufacturers outsource their design and production, GLM's specialty is...
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Superior Manifolds: High Quality, Cost-Effective Aftermarket Marine Parts
  To some observers, the aftermarket parts business may seem rather repetitive. After all, it's already been done, right? In many industries this may be true, but GLM Products, Inc. has redefined the meaning...
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GLM Offers Help for Dealers
  Over the past 20 years, GLM Products, Inc. has developed an extensive line of innovative and cost-effective marine engine and drive parts. With over 4,000 line items available, including many that are only available from GLM...
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Lost Foam: A New Wave of Sand Casting Swells in the Marine Industry
  With the growing demand for high quality aftermarket marine products, new technological advances have impacted the marine industry in a huge and significant way. While one sand casting...
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History of Johnson/Evinrude V4 Outboard
  One of the most daunting tasks a young outboard technician encounters is sorting out all of the different models...
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30 Years of the OMC Sterndrive
  The OMC stern drive was produced by the Outboard Marine Corporation from 1962 until the end of 1992...
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Sand-Cast vs. Die-Cast
  Whether or not a product is sand-cast or die-cast is determined by many considerations. One of the main considerations that GLM uses for any product, that it produces is: can we improve it?...
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Pistons: Cast vs. Forged
  The major disadvantages to forged pistons are actually a result of the forging process itself. Forging results in a piston that is considerably heavier, than cast pistons, and is limited in the aluminum alloys that can be used to produce the piston...
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Servicing Your Sterndrive/Drive Unit
  How often should it be done? Most manufacturers recommend sterndrive/drive unit maintenance every 50 hours. To most boaters this equates to once per season. Usually the best time to perform this service is the same time that you winterize your boat...
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  Instruction Sheets
Bearing & Gear Set Install
Bravo Water Hose Kit
Thermostat Assembly
V8 Distributors No. 71240
No. 34650 Gasket Modify
Diaphragm No. 40280
Motor Mounts No. 21045
V6 Conversion Kit
V8 Conversion Kit
Water Pump No. 12060
Water Pump Installation
Impeller Install No. 89710
Seawater Pump No. 12088
No 12097 Pulley Mounting
Check Valve Kit No. 40250
10 Hr. Gear Break-in
V4 Prop Shaft/Clutch Dog
Prop Shaft No. 22417
Shift Cable Tool No. 90520
Height Guage No. 90530
Shimming Tool No. 90330


  Tech Sheets
Manifold Features
Exhaust System Eval
Dry Joint Alternative
Gasket Technology
Upper Gear Sets
Heavy Duty Gear Set
Water/Fuel Separator Kits
460 Adapter Plate
Johnson/Evinrude OBs
Inline Fuel Filters
Aluminum Anodes
Needle & Caged Bearings
Seawater Pumps
Recirculating H2O Pumps
Engine Couplers
Marine Service Tools
Volvo Quick Reference


Merc Manifolds
OMC Manifolds
Volvo Penta Manifolds
Barr/Indmar/MPower Manifolds
Merc - OMC Overlap
Water/Fuel Separator Mounting Bracket
Oil Seal & O-ring
Size Charts
Templates for Plug Kit
No. 16005


  Tech Articles
The Evolution of a Dream: GLM's Conversion Kits
Superior Manifolds:
High Quality, Cost-Effective Aftermarket Marine Parts
GLM offers Help
for Dealers
Lost Foam:
A New Wave of Sand Casting Swells in the Marine Industry
History of Johnson/
Evinrude V4 Outboard
30 Years of the
OMC Sterndrive
Sand-Cast vs. Die-Cast
Cast vs. Forged
Servicing Your
Sterndrive/Drive Unit


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