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Water/Fuel Separator Kits

GLM is proud to introduce our Water/Fuel Separator Kits!

Eliminate Fuel Starvation with GLM's Low Pick-Up

Engine compartment temperatures can soar on hot summer days creating high gasoline temp-
eratures. High temperatures and agitation caused by rough seas can aerate the gasoline in the
water/fuel separator filter turning it into foam. A fuel pump can’t pull aerated gasoline from the
water/fuel separator and deliver it to the carburetor or fuel rail efficiently. The engine will show
signs of gasoline starvation (lean) at high speeds, a situation very similar to vapor lock.

Because this aerated gasoline rises to the top of the water/fuel separating filter, GLM has intro-
duced a filter mounting bracket with a fuel pickup extending deeper into the filter. Through exten-
sive research and testing, GLM engineers have found the optimum location for the fuel pickup.
The deeper location is low enough to be free of aerated gasoline but high enough to be free of
the water in the bottom of the separator.


Air molecules rise to top
and into the fuel system.

Our design prevents air from
entering the fuel system.

The deeper fuel pickup is found only on the new GLM water/fuel separator mounting bracket kits.
It might solve some of those mysterious fuel delivery problems your engine may be experiencing!

For trouble free boating always remember to replace your water/fuel separating filter
after every 50 hours of engine operation!

Click Here to Download GLM's Water/Fuel Separator Kits Flyer.
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