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Drive Units Closeout Sale 30-85% OFF
MerCruiser Shift Slide Tool No. 90120
John/Evin 4-Stroke Water Pump Kit No. 15270
John/Evin 4-Stroke Water Pump Kit No. 15250
John/Evin 4-Stroke Water Pump Kit No. 15320
John/Evin 4-Stroke Water Pump Kit No. 15360
John/Evin 4-Stroke Water Pump Kit No. 15350
John/Evin 4-Stroke Water Pump Kit No. 15390
John/Evin 4-Stroke Water Pump Kit No. 15395
Suzuki 4-Stroke Gearcase Seal Kit No. 87862
Volvo Cap & Rotor Kit No. 71860
Volvo Large Style Rotor No. 71180
MerCruiser Engine Coupler No. 11535
Yamaha Gearcase Seal Kit No. 87832
Yamaha Gearcase Seal Kit No. 87821
Yamaha Gearcase Seal Kit No. 87848
Yamaha Gearcase Seal Kit No. 87849
MerCruiser Water Dist. Housing No. 15520
MerCruiser Water Dist. Housing No. 15510
MerCruiser FSM Seal Kit No. 47292
Mercury FSM Seal Kit No. 47294
Mercury FSM Hose Kit No. 47270
Mercury FSM Seal & Screws No. 47285
Mercury FSM Repair Kit No. 47290
Mercury FSM Float Switch Kit No. 47295
Suzuki 4-Stroke Water Pump Kits No. 15260
Suzuki 2-Stroke Water Pump Kits No. 15480
Suzuki Racor Style Fuel Filters No. 25220
Suzuki "Cooling" Catalog (Pre-Launch 2022)
MerCruiser Thermostat Cover No. 13740
Yamaha Gearcase Seal Kit No. 87844
John/Evin Thermostat & Hose Kit No. 13275
John/Evin Cyl. Head Hose Kit - Port No. 47260
John/Evin Cyl. Head Hose Kit - Stbd No. 47250
John/Evin Valve Body No. 13145
MerCruiser 3/4" Pre-formed Hose No. 21950
Merc Dry Joint Manifold Kit - V8 S.B. No. 58238
Merc Dry Joint Manifold Kit - V6 No. 58228
Merc Dry Joint Elbow (7 deg.) V6/V8 No. 51146
Mercury Racor Style Fuel Filter - AL No. 25220
Mercury Racor Style Fuel Filter - AL No. 25210
Mercury Racor Style Fuel Filter - ST No. 25240
Mercury Racor Style Fuel Filter - ST No. 25230
Mercury Racor Style Filter & Bowl No. 25250
Mercury Racor Style Filter & O-ring No. 25200
Mercury Racor Style Collect. Bowl No. 25005
Mercury Hi-Flow Inline Filter AL No. 40125
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Flyer - Superior Marine Manifolds
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Flyer - Exhaust Stystem Evaluation
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Technical Info

Instruction - Bearing & Gear Set Install
Instruction - Bravo Water Hose Kit
Instruction - Thermostat Assembly
Instruction - V8 Distributors No. 71240
Instruction - No. 34650 Gasket Modify
Instruction - Diaphragm No. 40280
Instruction - Motor Mounts No. 21045
Instruction - V6 Conversion Kit
Instruction - V8 Conversion Kit
Instruction - Water Pump No. 12060
Instruction - Water Pump Installation
Instruction - Impeller Install No. 89710
Instruction - Seawater Pump No. 12088 Assy.
Instruction - No. 12097 Pulley Mounting
Instruction - Check Valve Kit No. 40250
Instruction - 10 Hour Break-in for Gears
Instruction - V4 Prop Shaft & Clutch Dog
Instruction - Prop Shaft No. 22417
Instruction - Shift Cable Tool No. 90520
Instruction - Height Guage No. 90530
Instruction - Shimming Tool No. 90330

Tech Sheet - Manifold Features
Tech Sheet - Exhaust System Evaluation
Tech Sheet - Dry Joint Alternative
Tech Sheet - Gasket Technology
Tech Sheet - Upper Gear Sets
Tech Sheet - Heavy Duty Gear Set
Tech Sheet - Water/Fuel Separator Kits
Tech Sheet - 460 Adaptor Plate
Tech Sheet - Johnson/Evinrude Outboards
Tech Sheet - Inline Fuel Filters
Tech Sheet - Aluminum Anodes
Tech Sheet - Needle & Caged Bearings
Tech Sheet - MerCruiser Seawater Pumps
Tech Sheet - Recirculating Water Pumps
Tech Sheet - Engine Couplers
Tech Sheet - Marine Service Tool
Tech Sheet - Volvo Quick Reference Quide

Dimension - Mercruiser Manifolds
Dimension - OMC Manifolds
Dimension - Volvo Penta Manifolds
Dimension - Barr/Indmar/MPower Manifolds
Dimension - Merc-OMC Overlap
Diagram - Water/Separator Fuel Filter
Diagram - Oil Seals & O-rings - All Makes
Template - Plug Kit No. 16005

Article - GLM's Conversion Kits
Article - GLM's Superior Marine Manifolds
Article - GLM Offers Help for Dealers
Article - Lost Foam
Article - History of John/Evin V4 Outboards
Article - 30 Years of the OMC Sterndrive
Article - Sand-Cast vs. Die-Cast
Article - Piston: Cast vs. Forged
Article - Servicing Your Sterndrive


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